I would like to give my highest recommendation to Nalyne and her Broad Brush Arts program for the outstanding work she did on a team building project for my organization. We were planning an all-day offsite for our engineering team to go over what everyone on the group was working on and our near-term goals for the year. My manager was flying in our team from Detroit as well as our local team and wanted to have an end of day “fun” activity that promoted team building and creativity. I recommended Nalyne because I knew of her unique ability to combine art with technology. She has a passion for our product, and I knew she could come up with a project that would be unique, creative and fit within the constraints of time and budget. Nalyne absolutely nailed it.

Even though we had very challenging demands for cost, setup time and location, Nalyne used critical thinking and event planning skills to pull the activity off. We were unable to find a suitable conference room in the building that would provide enough space for 26 engineers to paint on canvases and she came up with the idea to contact our cafe manager to transform the dining area into an art studio. She had a very short time frame to wait for the end of food service to quickly transform the space into an art studio, but she pulled it off.

Next was the project itself. 26 engineers had to be brought into the studio, learn the project, learn how to work with quality painting materials and come up with a piece of artwork that not only showed off our product, but the individuality of each person and how they worked cohesively to put the whole project together. Being engineers, many were introverted and resistant to the project, but once the brushes hit the canvas and they began to express themselves with Nalyne’s leadership and teaching, the energy in the room really came together.

In the end, everyone was very enthusiastic about the project and wanting a critique of their work. Even the leadership team loved the project so much that they wanted it displayed in our office. Now, we are working on having the artwork installed in our office space to show our accomplishment to the rest of the organization.

Nalyne really helped our team learn that we are all part of a greater effort. That we all offer a contribution to our overall product by working together. The project has left a lasting impression on me like no other team building project I have worked on.

I encourage other organizations to take advantage of this exciting and one of a kind team building project concept that integrates a company’s own products, talents and creativity that their teams possess.

Jack Brown
CAD Data and PLM Program Manager at Waymo

Nalyne planned a Tesla group event that I attended. Before theevent she got everyone involved and looking forward to coming.Then at the event she was the perfectly cordial and effervescent hostess, making everyone feel welcome and happy. Nalyne is amazing!

Louis Ewens
Global Technical Leader, Online Entertainment

Nalyne organized a paint team building event for our offsite that explored the intersection of technology and art. Her instructions to painting were simple and effective that members who have never painted before were able to do a great job. She provided us the best art supplies. The resulting art work is quite phenomenal. She also did a great job installing the art work in our office building. Overall she created a very thoughtful meaningful project for our team, and executed the activity with great expertise and care. I highly recommend booking an event with her.

Huizhe (Lucy) Zhao
Harness Integration Mechanical Engineer at Waymo