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Installation Day at the Moonshot Factory

Installation day at the Moonshot Factory was epic. The Art of Integration is on permanent exhibition at Rails campus, Moonshot Factory. REWS art preparator did an outstanding job in placing the very custom 27 panel pieces according to the specs. I was one of the most delightful experiences to see the painting assembled. There was a lot of interest and excitement amongst the Moonshot community as they observed the installation of The Art of Integration. The leadership and engineers of Waymo had positive comments about the painting. It got even the shyest and introverted of the engineers to smile and speak. As an artist, I feel that art should also serve as a rallying point that sparks conversations that bring a diverse set of people together. Each engineer was given credit for the painting in a curatorial statement next to the painting. Seeing the smiles on their faces was a priceless experience that reminded me why I wanted to teach art.

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