Part 2 of 3

The critique is the juicy part of the workshop that is like the dessert. Each team member had 2 minutes to speak about their painting process and to share their successes and challenges in the painting. The team leader and the instructor lead the critique. It was a great opportunity for each engineer to express themselves in a supportive environment. Many opened up and talked about how the painting workshop helped them to overcome their anxiety about drawing or painting. Overall, the group expressed how they enjoyed the process and had fun working collaboratively on a piece that is related to their work. Each engineer blew my mind away with their insightful and thoughtful comments.

There are very specific ways to conduct a critique in a corporate team building environment that is different than in an art school. First of all, unlike in art school where the critique can be brutal and gets personal, Broad Brush Arts ensure that the critique is constructive and positive. It is already intimidating for students to talk about their art. I loved the fresh approach of the engineers who were new to critique. They approached the exercise with fresh eyes without the preconceived notion of the typical brutal art school style critique. The critique session with the Waymo Vehicle Integration team demonstrated that critiques can be kind, constructive and bring a team together.