There’s no denying that investing in corporate team building can yield an incredible return on investment (ROI), in terms of employee satisfaction, which is directly correlated to employee retention. This can be easily seen in San Jose and the surrounding communities which are home to some of the most innovative companies on the planet.

Indeed, innovative companies are constantly looking to find ways to become more competitive. In addition to providing appealing worksites, perks such as gym memberships, onsite daycare, and/or the option to bring your dog to work, these innovative companies recognize the value that each individual team member brings to the greater whole of the team. As individuals are strengthened and empowered, the team becomes stronger as well. That’s precisely why large tech companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn and Amazon invest in corporate team building. If your company hasn’t yet hosted an offsite corporate team building event, or is planning to host another team building event, we encourage you to consider a painting workshop with Broad Brush Arts. Here are 5 reasons to consider a corporate painting workshop can help strengthen your team.

Reasons to Book a Broad Brush Arts Painting Workshop for Your Team Building Event

Our Founder is an artist AND an Entrepreneurial Businesswoman

As founder of Broad Brush Arts, Nalyne Gunggavakin understands what it takes to run a successful business. In addition to a fine arts education, her educational background includes a focus in Business Administration. Due to her extensive background in art and the corporate environment,her painting workshops provide valuable insights into team dynamics.

Broad Brush Arts Painting Workshops are Customized for Your Team

We don’t believe in “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to helping your business to become stronger. Your team can expect sessions designed to meet specific needs of the team, that addresses professional development and business acumen.

Our Team Building Painting Workshops Inspire Creativity

Our workshops are designed to provide unique and insightful experiences through art making process. Employees are encouraged to think critically and creatively while foster accountability in teamwork. The completed artwork from our workshops never ceases to amaze the participants. in the team’s office after the event and inspire all of the community.

Our Painting Workshops Draw Out the Artist in Everyone

Even “non-artists” find that under Nalyne’s guidance, all team members can successfully tap into their inner artist, discovering talents they may not know they have.

Our Workshops Focus on Strengthening Skills That Help Your Organization

Beyond just a fun experience, Broad Brush Arts painting workshops focus on helping team members to improve listening skills, communication, collaboration, and workflow—all of which are vital to an organization’s success.

To learn more about Nalyne and Broad Brush Art Corporate Team Building Events, in San Jose and the surrounding communities, email [email protected] or call 510-906-0106.