Artist Statement

Life like art is the best way to describe Nalyne Lunati’s creative process. She believes art making is a sacred ritual that comes from the inner most depth of your soul. She agrees with Mark Rothko that, “art is an anecdote of the human spirit.” Thus, fixation on one particular style has limitation on telling the whole story of the human spirit. Her work reinvigorates and merges  formalism, abstract expressionism and gestural mark making to evoke descriptive and narrative properties. The iconography is inspired from her cross cultural experiences, travels, life experiences and nature.

She is an artist and entrepreneur. In addition to a solid fine arts education, she is grateful for having a diverse and rich educational background in Political Economy, Business Administration, Southeast Asian Studies, Anthropology, and foreign languages. These influences and life experiences inform her work conceptually and thematically, creating thought provoking and technically well executed artwork.  Climate change and the integration of Eastern philosophies with Western aesthetics are some of her passionate topics. She was able to reconnect with the Thai Forest tradition Buddhism while in graduate school. Ever since then, he incorporates aspects of awareness and mindfulness in her artwork. Whether painting about political issues or nurturing a spiritual calling, she executes the paintings with the Dhamma (Dharma) in mind.