Our Corporate Team Building offerings will unleash the creativity of individuals and how they integrate their work as part of a team. We will integrate art with business acumen to show teams how to think critically and creatively. Your team will have the opportunity to create a work of art and learn processes that fosters accountability in teamwork. Our unique workshops strive to improve listening skills, communication, collaboration, workflow and beyond.

Our workshop is customized to your team’s needs. It is never a “canned” approach to team building/art making. Art making and professional development are integrated in one session to build lasting bonds within a team and creating significant works of art. The experience is enriching intellectually, spiritually and professionally. The scope of our workshops goes beyond “paint and sip” parties or activities that are merely for the purpose of “having fun.”

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Unlock your team's creativity and innovation through the arts.

Broad Brush Arts specializes in creating unique corporate team building events through painting and drawing workshops. These workshops can range from painting on canvas, drawing, or custom mixed media projects. The possibilities are endless and will help your team to think outside of the box while learning about each other.

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We have a rich offerings of painting, drawing, and mixed media workshops for team building.


Painting and drawing with a fine arts approach is a powerful vehicle to help employees access their creativity.


If you want your employees to color outside of the lines, then Beyond Brush Arts can drive great results.

Our Clients

Broad Brush Arts is trusted and backed by many satisfied companies. Broad Brush Arts is an approved vendor at Facebook and Google.


Nalyne planned a Tesla group event that I attended. Before theevent she got everyone involved and looking forward to coming.Then at the event she was the perfectly cordial and effervescent hostess, making everyone feel welcome and happy. Nalyne is amazing!

Louis Ewens
Global Technical Leader, Online Entertainment

Nalyne organized a paint team building event for our offsite that explored the intersection of technology and art. Her instructions to painting were simple and effective that members who have never painted before were able to do a great job. She provided us the best art supplies. The resulting art work is quite phenomenal. She also did a great job installing the art work in our office building. Overall she created a very thoughtful meaningful project for our team, and executed the activity with great expertise and care. I highly recommend booking an event with her.

Huizhe (Lucy) Zhao
Harness Integration Mechanical Engineer at Waymo
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